The raw material is supplied under the control of the service quality departement.  
During the manufacturing, the operators check 100 % of coast on precise parts (taking approximately every 10 parts, according to the complexity of the realization).  

According to the specifications provided by the client : after control during the manufacturing, parts are stored before the final control.  
Processing for the erroneous parts : 
1/Treatment of the doubtful parts: retouch for putting in conformity of the plan in our ownership. 
2/In the case of an impossibility of putting in conformity of the plan: a request of dispensation is sent to the customer.  
- Agreement of dispensation accepted by the customer: after reception of the written agreement, parts will be sent with a location to differentiate them maids.  
- Refusal of the agreement of dispensation: put in scrap of parts.  
Editorial staff of a report of control:  
At request of the customer, the values raised during the operation of control are registered on a report of control which is joined in copy to the delivery slip. 

Manufacturing control

Final Control